Do Fixed Indexed or Variable Annuities Fit into Your Financial Investment Strategy?

When selecting variable or fixed indexed annuities, it’s important to consider how each will affect your overall financial investment strategy. Both come with the added benefit of taking payouts for life, so you don’t have to worry about outliving your investments. But they each have downsides, too. So which is best for your financial investment strategy? Potentially both.

Family Wealth Management: How to Transfer Wealth to Your Children

family wealth management and wealth transfer

When meeting with our clients regarding their estate planning and family wealth management, one of the top requests is to transfer wealth to children and grandchildren. While the first thought is often to leave assets in a will or trust, why wait? A strong family wealth management plan can include gifting in the present with limited tax liabilities. Top tips to maintain control and see the benefits now.

Retirement Planning: 3 Things to Know Before You Take Your First Distribution

Retirement Planning | Stableford Capital

Retirement planning is rarely simple. You need a sophisticated strategy that incorporates realistic future expenses and the increase in income tax from distributions. As with most things, having a better understanding of all aspects of your retirement planning will help you better plan for the future. To find out where your nest egg stands and how you can keep it growing, reach out to us at 480.493.2300.

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