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Stableford Market Commentary: August 2022

August 2022 Market Commentary Investment strategy over time

Groupthink is incredibly powerful. If enough people believe something, will it come true? In the case of equity markets, yes—but only temporarily. Equity investors are slowly learning that the Fed must fulfill its inflation mandate for the first time in a generation. The Fed no longer has your back (as long as inflation persists)as it was previously. The August Market Commentary will try to help explain what is going on.

Stableford Market Commentary: July 2022

Where will the market go next

The Fed remained hawkish during the July meeting, but traders were having none of it, despite continued multi-decade highs in inflation. Yields on the US Treasury 10 Year fell 36 basis points during July as investors begin to price in an economic slowdown. Recall that the 10 Year was nearly 3.5% a month and a half ago. Bond managers have switched from inflation fear to recession fear. The July Market Commentary will try to help explain what is going on.

How to Leverage Financial and Technology Trends to Improve the Family Office Firm

Financial and Technology Artificial Intelligence

As technology advancements are made at warp speed, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by new software or tools. In this article, learn how to identify the financial and technology tools that will help advance your family office’s strategy. While technology tools can aid in more informed investment decision-making, often they are behind the scenes to improve operational efficiencies for a more seamless and transparent client experience. 

Stableford Market Commentary: June 2022

Stableford Capital Market Commentary with Female economist

Continued Fed Hawkishness Drives Equities Lower and Rates Higher. In the face of rising inflation, the Fed turned increasingly hawkish, which pushed 10 Year US Treasury rates up seventeen basis points to 3.02% in June. While this was much lower than the 3.48% achieved in mid-month, the fear of continuing higher rates was enough to push equities down 8.8% in June. The June Market Commentary will walk you through the ups and downs and try to help explain what is going on.