Stableford Capital Market Commentary: May 2019

Stableford Capital Market Commentary NY Stock Exchange Building

The S&P 500 fell 6.6% May, after topping out at an all-time high on April 30. It was up ~25% off the December 2018 lows, and 17% year to date at the high. In particular, the US economy and corporate earnings were beginning to slow. This became apparent during May as several economic indicators and economists’ models began to show the deceleration. As usual, the bond market was the first to sniff out the problem.

Tax Preparation: How will the Recent Tax Law Change Impact Your Business Tax Return?

Taxes and tax laws may seem like a moving target as we move into tax preparation season. Once you get them down and file accordingly, the laws change and you have to adjust your plan. And that will once again be the case with the recent Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (Sec. 199A), which is the first major tax reform in over 30 years.

Tax Services Checklist: What Every High-Net Worth Client Should Know

Stableford Tax Services Blog image

Smart tax planning now can help you reduce the taxes you’ll owe on your investment gains, and other types of income as well. Seeking advice throughout the year, especially when you are considering a large investment or negotiating a deal, is an integral part of financial planning. Additionally, tax efficient investing is an important driver of portfolio return.

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