Stableford Market Commentary: April 2021

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A slow-down in recent growth is inevitable. US economists predict equities will peak during the second quarter of 2021. How can you leverage a shifting market? In the Stableford Market Commentary: 2021 learn what’s being worth selling, and why, how equities are projected to perform for the remainder of 2021, and the prediction for 10-year Treasury Bond rates.

Stableford Market Commentary: March 2021

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Inflation is a concern to today’s investors. We can’t blame them – there’s hasn’t been a huge inflationary spike in 30 years.
How do recent market performance and anticipation of inflation impact equities?
In the Stableford Market Commentary: March 2021, Justin Thomas offers a research-backed view of the market, along with the balance between inflation and equities.

Stableford Market Commentary: February 2021

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After reaching all-time highs in mid-February, equity markets have started to decline and become highly volatile. What is driving this? Stableford market commentary February 2021 review includes an overview & analysis of recent economic data, market happenings, and indicators. Read more here.

Stableford Market Commentary: January 2021

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Is the slight dip in Equity markets, over-inflated housing market, and irrational investor actions ominous signs that there’s a bubble and other disasters to come? The Stableford Market Commentary, January 2021 explains their approach in uncertain markets and why they don’t ascribe to a particular view and avoid being too bearish or bullish. Read more here.

Stableford Market Commentary: December 2020

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Find out how the Stableford approach to 2020’s fourth quarter fared compared to market outcomes. Positioning targeted less volatility and risk than the overall market, and we participated in the upside with bets on small caps, cyclicals, and value. But we also maintained our aversion to downside risk. The Market Commentary shares news on fixed income and markets.

Stableford Market Commentary: November 2020

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It was a November to Remember! If someone told you in March that the S&P 500 would be hitting all-time highs in late 2020 while Covid-19 cases surged and offices and restaurants remained vacant, how would you have responded? Well, here we are. The S&P 500 increased 10.8% in November, an enormous move after 2 consecutive negative months. Stepping back, it makes sense: Equity markets are forward-looking. So, where do we go from here? Read more here.

Stableford Market Commentary: October 2020

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In the Stableford Market Commentary October 2020 the election results and Senate makeup are factors that are driving the markets. A divided government is among the better results from an equity market perspective due to a reduction in the risk of higher corporate taxes and minimizes the possibility for less a corporate-friendly cabinet appointees in the new administration.

Stableford Market Commentary: September 2020

Stableford Market Commentary September 2020

A big part of investing is knowing where you stand and what future events might alter your views. The 2020 Election is one such event. Politics aside, the events of the election have what equity-geeks call a high level of dispersion—a wide range of outcomes. We’ve studied the election extensively- read our analysis of the key election impacts – and what Stableford’s positioning in front of the elections.

Stableford Market Commentary: August 2020

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August was another confusing month, closing with the S&P 500 up 7% despite a high level of market uncertainty. Near-urgent buying was driven by an extreme position in the options market. Discover other August indicators, and what they could mean for the remainder of the year – including why we at Stableford Capital like our holdings.

Stableford Market Commentary: July 2020

How are recent volatile activities – such as declines in the equity and fixed income markets, pandemics, civil unrest, politically polarized citizens, international discord – impacting market outlook? Stableford Capital’s leaders take the markets’ temperature and advise investors on what to look for.