Benefit from 2020 Tax Changes with Stableford Capital’s New eGuide

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Many people cringe at the thought of tax preparation. But this year, the 2020 tax changes may turn a lot of frowns upside down because there are many tax benefits for individuals and business owners alike. But there are also many reductions that can derail the added benefits. Find out how the Tax Planning and Tax Code Reforms eGuide shares all the changes so you can be prepared to maximize your benefits.

How to Leverage Life Insurance in a High Net Worth Estate Plan

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High net worth individuals who leverage life insurance give themselves access to the cash value of the policies. You can borrow against life insurance accounts or use it to invest. You can also pass along the cash value of a permanent life insurance tax-free through gifting under $15k or irrevocable life insurance trusts.

Stableford Market Commentary: July 2020

How are recent volatile activities – such as declines in the equity and fixed income markets, pandemics, civil unrest, politically polarized citizens, international discord – impacting market outlook? Stableford Capital’s leaders take the markets’ temperature and advise investors on what to look for.

The Dollar’s Reign as the World’s Reserve Currency is Under Threat: Talk of a Debased Currency

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As the dollar continues to slide – and gold prices rise, some strategists are warning about the threat of a debased currency. They cite the latest round of stimulus and fiscal policy measures, and point to gold as the best option for a reserve currency. Gold prices continue to surge, while the U.S. debates next steps for keeping the economy out of stagnation.