How Does Behavioral Finance Affect the Psychology of Investing?

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Money mindset starts early in life, from parental models to media influence and advertising. This psychology of investing refers to financial habits and dictates how someone spends and saves money. Through behavioral finance, an advisor gains insight into these habits to better coach the investor on how to manage money responsibly to ultimately gain financial wellness.

Stableford Market Commentary: October 2020

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In the Stableford Market Commentary October 2020 the election results and Senate makeup are factors that are driving the markets. A divided government is among the better results from an equity market perspective due to a reduction in the risk of higher corporate taxes and minimizes the possibility for less a corporate-friendly cabinet appointees in the new administration.

The Digital Dollars Change in Currency Is Coming

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Governments around the world are considering expanding their currency to include digital dollars. Using central bank digital currency will offer some benefits like direct-to-citizen payments and indisputable accounting. However, the concerns regarding inflation and technology corporation oversight is delaying immediate acceptance.